Housed: A New Orleans Real Estate Bulletin

My friend and client Jill Dupré is a multi-talented designer and artist, putting her creativity to work doing everything from interiors and renovations to collages, handmade pillows, stools, and even doll making. Says Jill of her visual approach, “My interior design style is quite mixed up. But somehow simple. I love modern, vintage, antique, Asian and hand-me-downs. All put together to create depth and soul.” Eclectic and appealing, her design work has been highlighted in Metropolitan Home, New Orleans Homes & Lifestyle, Food and Wine, Apartment Therapy, and Vie Magazine, just to name a few.

I’ve helped Jill and her husband Josh Mayer buy several investment properties over the years, as she loves the process of taking old homes with interesting

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A few years back, I helped Jenny and Pat McGuinness get through the thorny process of buying a Mid-Century Modern diva that required a total renovation, and sell their Lakeview cottage that was suddenly too small for their growing family.

The story starts post-Hurricane Katrina, when Jenny was single and rebuilding her home in Lakeview. She’d always adored Mid-Century Modern architecture, but felt obligated to recreate what was there before Katrina. I helped her sell the downtown condo she lived in while rebuilding, and she moved into her new home that was perfectly suited for one. A few years later, she added a husband to the mix, as well as two stepchildren. And on the heels of that, two more children, two dogs, and all the strollers, bikes,

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Wondering what kind of updates you need to make before putting your house on the market? What’s most important is fixing what’s broken, loose, discolored, or dirty and making small updates here and there.

In fact, before taking on the expense of an upgrade or renovation, make sure you’ll be able to get the return on your investment. By analyzing comparable properties (also called “comps”) and sales data for your neighborhood, we can determine the best list price for your home in the current market, and you’ll be in a better position to decide if that renovation you’re contemplating is worth the money.

There are certain things I always recommend before putting a house on the market, and others are worth considering based on your individual

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I met Brian Bain about 25 years ago, and several years later, went on to learn the ins and outs of the real estate business from his father-in-law, Louie Velez.

Since that time, I’ve helped Brian and his wife Julie (one of my oldest, dearest friends!) buy their first home in Lakeview, sell a renovation/flip Uptown, and buy their second home near the Freret St. Corridor. Along the way, I also worked with Brian and his business partner Jake Springfield to buy their Mid-City office building on Tulane Avenue.

And throughout those 20-something years, Brian and I, in some form or fashion, have been Saints season ticket holders together. With a twinkle in his eye, Brian calls me “a die hard fan who literally never gives up. And a great person to have

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