Under Contract Timeline

Under Contract Timeline

Day 1

Lender takes full application and pre-approves buyer for a home.

Day 2

Lender collects all required documentation including accepted contract, and disclosures are mailed out if application was taken over the phone. Title company needs to be decided in order to ensure proper estimate of fees. Lender discusses locking into an interest rate with buyer.

Days 4-10

Buyer completes inspections and informs lenders when inspections are completed. If any changes to the contract occur at this time, an amendment/addendum needs to be forwarded to the lender immediately to make appropriate changes to disclosures. Lender submits file to processing.

Days 4-12

Lender orders title, order appraisal, and re-discloses to buyer any changes that have occurred to the contract. Appraisal is received approximately 5-7 days afterwards.

Day 10

File is submitted to underwriting.

Days 8-14

Appraiser inspects property and send in appraisal report to lender. Lender gives a copy to the borrower and to processing department. Title work is received back. Buyer secures insurance on the home and sends to title company.

Day 14

Conditional loan approval is received.

Days 9-16

Processing orders and completes all verifications needed for the file.

Days 12-18

Underwriter reviews file and sends conditional approval.

Days 15-21

Processor clears all conditions from underwriter and gives file back to underwriter for final clear to close.

Days 22-26

Underwriter clears file, gives to closing department to issue initial Closing Disclosure (CD).

Days 27-29

Closing department sends out closing package and title company balances the CD with closer. Closing is scheduled.

Day 30

Act of Sale